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Padang Brown

The Padang Brown is an urban park in the city of George Town, Penang, Malaysia. It is used for football matches and training field. It is a field bounded by Jalan Dato Keramat, Jalan Anson, Jalan Perak and Jalan Johor. Local Penangites would play football here in the evenings.

The Penang Padang Brown is also known as Padang Dato Keramat. The field was donated by David Brown. Born in Edinburgh, David Brown came to George Town, Penang in the footsteps of a fellow Scotsman, James Scott. James Scott who was Captain Francis Light's business partner. David Brown eventually became one of the richest landowners on the Penang Island in the early 19th century.

Brown Memorial
Brown Memorial

After his passing in the 1820s, the Brown Memorial was erected at the centre of the field. It has since been moved to the corner of Padang Brown, next to the Padang Brown Food Court, near the junction between Jalan Anson and Jalan Perak.

During the heyday of Penang's football, between the 1960s and 1970s, some of Penang's best footballers were trained at the Penang Padang Brown. Bakar Ali, Bakar Isa, Desmond David, Mohamad Bakar, Shukor Salleh, Abdullah Namat and abdullah Shaharuddin trained at the field. These players ultimately formed the core of Penang's state football team, which was then one of the strongest in Malaysia. Penang Padang Brown was chosen as a training field due to its location, which is not far from the City Stadium.

There are two hawker centres at either side of Padang Brown, Padang Brown Food Court, bounded by Jalan Perak and Padang Brown Jalan Johor Hawker Centre, bounded by Jalan Johor. Both offer a wide variety of Penang street food.

The Penang Padang Brown is open daily. Free admission.

Trip Suggestion : 15 minutes


Operating Hours : Daily

Admission Fee : Free

Address : Penang Padang Brown, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10400 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

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