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Padang Polo

The Padang Polo is an urban park in the city of George Town, Penang, Malaysia. It is a field being primarily used for recreational and sports activities. It is located in front of Seri Mutiara, the official residence of the Governor of Penang. It is also bounded by Jalan Sepoy Lines, Jalan Residensi and Jalan Utama.

The Penang Padang Polo was created towards the end of the 19th. century as the new parade ground for British Army units stationed in George Town. At the time, the British Army was in the process of relocating its barracks out of the crowded centre of George Town towards the western edges of the town.

The Indian sepoys were housed in their barracks along Jalan Sepoy Lines, the Penang Padang Polo was cleared and turned into a military parade ground substituting the Padang at The Esplanade in the heart of George Town.

The Penang Padang Polo formerly known as Polo Ground. As its name implies, it was used for polo matches and horse-riding activities during the colonial era. The horses were taken from the nearby Penang Turf Club. Today, horses can be seen walking occasionally at the Penang Padang Polo.

Due to its proximity to the Penang General Hospital, the Penang Padang Polo has been gazetted as an emergency landing pad for helicopters, enabling military helicopters to airlift casualties to the hospital.

Until the 1990s, when the Penang Padang Polo was finally closed off to vehicles, the field was also a lovers' haunt, where drivers and motorcyclists would bring their lovers to the relatively secluded parts of the field in the evenings. Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Penang parking lots available at Jalan Sepoy Lines.

Today, the Penang Padang Polo is being primarily used for public recreational and sports activities, including football. More recently, it has been chosen as the venue for the annual Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

The Penang Padang Polo is open daily. Free admission.

Trip Suggestion : 15 minutes


Operating Hours : Daily

Admission Fee : Free

Address : Penang Padang Polo, Jalan Sepoy Lines, 10450 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

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