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Curtis Crest Experience

Curtis Crest designed to handle up to 120 people at a time. Like walking on a carpet of evergreen pine needles through pristine montane forest, the Curtis Crest experience is akin to climbing to the very top of a tree to gain the amazing view. It offers mesmerizing 360-degree views of Penang, including George Town, and serves as the highest public viewing point on the island. On a clear day, the islands of Langkawi can be seen in the distance. Bel Retiro can also be seen in all its splendor.

Curtis Crest Walkway

Sited on an old experimental garden set up by renowned botanist Charles Curtis back in the 18th century. Many plant species on Penang Hill are named after Charles Curtis, hence in respect of the historical significance, the attraction was named Curtis Crest. Native conifers, Dacrydium Elatum planted during the early days of Charles Curtis, formed a natural oval shape that determined the walkway’s design. A metal mesh walkway running through the top canopy of the conifers was designed to eventually allow the conifers to envelop the walkway, giving us an intimate experience whilst allowing unobstructed views of the entire island at approximately 800 meters above sea level.

Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk

The Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk is a 13 meters highest public viewing platform located on the plateau just above the Mid-Point Rest Area and Museum. In the 1890s this plateau was used as one of the first English tennis courts in Malaya by people holidaying on the hill. It was also used as a military parade ground by the East India Company in the early days of the settlement, and the troops stationed here kept watch for approaching enemy ships. On sighting one they would signal Fort Cornwallis in George Town far below so that they could warn the people and prepare for battle. Like walking on a carpet of evergreen pine needles through pristine montane forest, the Curtis Crest experience is akin to climbing to the very top of a tree to gain that amazing view.

The Flight of the Colugo Zip

The Flight of the Colugo Zip, an adventure course comprising of 5 zip lines, 1 abseil and 1 rope bridge. Named after the Sunda Colugo aka The Malayan Flying Lemur, the Colugo Zip offers us a new way to marvel at the beauty of its rainforest - from an aerial perspective. We will experience gliding from tree to tree through the rainforest like the Colugo. The trained rangers will escort us to ensure our safety and provide nature interpretation for a better appreciation of nature. First zip at 9:30 am and last zip at 4:00 pm. Prior booking required.

The Habitat Giant Swing

Throughout the nature trail, we come across numerous rest areas set in themed gardens such as the fern, ginger and fragrant gardens. We can rest at the Golden Bromeliad or Orchid Pavilions, take a moment to reflect and take in the sights, sounds and smells of nature. We can also take a breather on one of the Giant Swings along the trail. Few Giant Swings can be found in The Habitat where one is located near the Canopy Walk and the other is located in between the Drongo Circle and the Squirrel Circle.

The Habitat Ginger Garden

Ginger Garden, is the home of the beautiful ginger rhizome, which has many used as a fragrant spice. Ginger is also traditionally used to treat stomach problems and pain relief. Planted to delight our senses, we are invited to touch, smell, see and hear the wonders of jungle completely undisturbed. Educational signs are positioned unobtrusively along the way in such a way to educate us on the flora, fauna, and history of the pathway, but not in such a way as to spoil our experience.

The Habitat Themed Gardens

This enchanting realm allows us to experience Penang Hill’s rainforest at its very best. Several themed gardens charmingly line the way and include the Fern Garden, Butterfly Bank, Fragrant Garden, and Ginger and Palm Grove. The trails are wheelchair and stroller friendly. Educational signs are positioned unobtrusively along the way in such a way to educate us on the flora, fauna, and history of the pathway. Complimentary nature guided tours are provided to every visitor of The Habitat Penang Hill.

The Habitat Virgin Jungle

The Penang Hill virgin jungle reserve area, on the fringe of which The Habitat sits, is believed to be part of Malaysia’s treasure trove of prehistoric rainforests dating back 130-million years old. Besides its rich biodiversity, it plays an important role as a primary water catchment area for Penang island. Our rainforests also provide essential ecosystem services for the sustenance of life including climate regulation, water & nutrient recycling, air purification, carbon storage, and soil stability.

The Habitat Nature Trail

The original nature trail built by the British to maintain the drain that runs the entire length of the trail. The drain was built to control water flowing down from the ridge above and prevent soil erosion. A few minutes away from the top station of Penang Hill funicular railway marks the starting point of the 1.6km long nature trail, a trail that meanders below three of the hill’s oldest historic bungalows, and through the entire stretch of The Habitat themed park. Framed lookouts have been carefully created to bring back the forgotten views of the rolling hills and the Andaman Sea beyond. These framed views conjure the romance and magnificent spectacle of Penang Hill.

The Habitat

The Habitat on Penang Hill is a world-class eco-tourism facility located on the fringes of a 130-million-year-old virgin rainforest on Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia. 820 meters above sea-level, it is easily accessible via a 7-minute ride on the Penang Hill funicular train from Air Itam or the Botanical Gardens. With world-class facilities, dramatic natural beauty, and a commitment to conservation and environmental awareness, The Habitat Penang Hill is the place to visit for the most complete, exciting and educational Malaysian rain forest experience.


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